Pecan Sales

Committee members – Peggy Harris- Chair, Ann Fox – Co-Chair, Gail Gray, Beverly Wilkerson, Peggy Day, Sandra McCluskey, Valerie Dotson, Joyce Black and Susan Copeland – Fundraising Division Chair.

The Pecan Sales Fundraiser is off to a great start. Priesters’ has confirmed that the PRICES ARE THE SAME AS LAST YEAR, as we will be selling our pecans for $12 for each 1 lb bag.  Peggy Harris, Chair and Ann Fox, Co-Chair, met, August 20, to

propose a Plan of Action, forms for ordering and recording, and Protocol for Pilots on receiving and returning pecans.  The committee met on August 29 to review and approve the Plan of Action, forms and Protocol. The Pecan Sales Order Form was emailed and mailed to members on August 29 with orders due by September 10 either by email or at Pilot Club meeting.  All Pilots are being asked to order at least 15 bags.  Pecan Sales will begin as soon as pecans are received in October until the January 14th Pilot Club meeting.

Pecans will be shipped to Smith’s Farm and the committee will assemble orders for each Pilot.  Vendor Pecan Sales will be conducted during Christmas in Cullman on Saturday, November 2 and Sunday, November 3. Thanks to Rick Fox, Co Pilot of Ann, for his expert assistance in developing the forms we are using.

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